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Success Symbols products are inspired by the modern, elegant woman and are designed to fit not only her needs, but the unique demands of her personal style.

The full Success Symbols line of beauty, fashion, and home goods has been created with a specific customer in mind: the Success Symbol woman leads a busy and active life, and she demands products that reflect who she is.

She doesn't have time to sweat the small stuff because she is an innovator, a hard-working and beautiful woman who walks into a room knowing that all eyes will be on her to see what she does next.

Success Symbols makes lives simpler and easier so that today's strong, independent woman can focus on what's most important in her life.

Be you and leave the rest up to us.

success symbols creators

Success Symbols, LLC Co-Creators Sarah DeLuca and Chantal Bolivar met while working in the fashion industry. Chantal, a Model and Sarah, her Representation, had a very unique bond and business chemistry and found themselves brainstorming on how they could bring unique, stylish and functional products to the mass market. Out of their creativity and hard work, Success Symbols, LLC was born.